Thursday, July 30, 2015



COURTNEY  AND PHIL will continue to improve our processes, which have been led by MaryAnn Herron and Tibor Reimann with great success over the last few years. The continued goal is to get ideas from each and every Teammate that will make improvements in our business that will  REDUCE, IMPROVE, SIMPLIFY, ELIMINATE (RISE) our processes.

 Please join with me on Congratulating Courtney and Phil as our new        Leaders of the PIT CREW and thank MaryAnn and Tibor for their Leadership over the last few years.

                                                      PETE BENZINO

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Award Announcement 2013

PIT Crew Award

I am pleased to announce that the winner of the second annual PIT Crew Cup, presented to the ABARTA organization that best exemplifies our commitment to Process and Performance Improvement, is hereby awarded to Cleveland Coca-Cola.

After a thorough evaluation of all business units and Shared Financial Services applications,
I believe Cleveland Coke has distinguished itself by satisfying our stated objectives for Process and Performance Improvement better than anyone else in 2013.

Cleveland Coca-Cola has succeeded in transitioning toward a culture of Continuous Improvement, led by middle management and embraced by the entire workforce. 

Please join me in congratulating Cleveland, its leadership team, the Cleveland Coca-Cola
PIT Crew and all contributing employees.  You have set the bar for others to challenge.

Charlie Bitzer
Chief Operating Officer

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Process Improvement

Mission Statement
Cleveland Coca-Cola Performance Improvement Team's mission is to lead the Process Improvement initiative to better serve internal and external customers by enhancing company-wide communication, performance and accountability.  The Team will drive sustainable solutions to improve performance, reduce costs, and guide the Process Improvement project teams.  This will help Cleveland Coca-Cola realize better expense control, profitability gains, increased quality, improved productivity, and excellent customer service.

General Manager sets and communicates expectations for the
Performance Improvement Process and provides the resources to achieve
those expectations.
Pete Benzino, General Manager, believes it is necessary to engrain a Process
Improvement culture throughout the Cleveland Coca-Cola Organization.
Under the direction of Pete, the SMT team has taken ownership of the
Process Improvement initiative with the full support of resources necessary
to succeed.
Pete's support and high regard for the Performance Improvement Process
was further demonstrated when he attended all the Business Process
Management classes.  This clearly communicated his expectation and
support towards a continuous improvement culture within our organization.

"The whole organization has to support process improvement
in order for the organization to succeed."

Pete Benzino, VP & GM
           Cleveland Coca-Cola Bottling